Beautiful, dynamic screenshots

Capture high resolution, annotated screenshots of your app that never go out of date.

High quality screenshots

Capture every detail with high resolution screenshots, across multiple resolutions, served from a blazing fast CDN - or your own infrastructure.
Multiple resolutions
Capture your app in multiple resolutions, from mobile to desktop. Retina and 4K ready.
Multiple languages
Capture the same screenshot in multiple languages and locales for truly localized documentation.
Dark mode
Seamlessly integrate dark mode screenshots into your documentation.

Rich annotations

Smart markup tools leet you draw, redact, and more. Annotate your screenshots with a variety of tools to make your documentation stand out.
Smart annotations
Arrows, boxes, and other annotations follow elements as they move.
Isolate elements
Zoom in on single elements or areas of your app to eliminate distractions.
Ensure consistent branding with borders, shadows, backgrounds, and more.
Never update a screenshot again
Capture dynamic, annotated product screenshots that are never out-of-date.
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