Never update a screenshot again.

Cedar captures dynamic, annotated product screenshots that are never out-of-date. No more tedious updating. No more stale docs.
Cedar works with your favorite tools, out of the box
Annotate, draw, redact - everything you'd want from a screenshot tool.
Tie in directly with your existing help center platforms and processes.
Quality & Control
Approval workflows, manual review, versioning, and more.
Screenshots that automatically update when your product changes.
Screenshots as assets, not liabilities.
Unlock evergreen documentation, improved customer experience, reduced contact rates, and a whole lot more.
No-code setup

Zero engineering effort to get started. It's entirely browser-based, no installs required.
Intelligent recapture

Continuously recaptures screenshots, adapting on-the-fly to changes in your app.
CI / CD integration

Get notified of upcoming app changes impacting your docs before they ship.
Approval-based workflows

Ensure tight quality control over high visibility screenshots by enabling manual approvals.

Translated and localized screenshots? No problem.
Global CDN

Screenshots are hosted on our blazing fast CDN, with versioning and compression baked in.
Never update a screenshot again
Capture dynamic, annotated product screenshots that are never out-of-date.
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